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So i’ve been living with my girlfriend for about two years now, We’ve been in a conflict for about a month in a half now. Well her best friend brought over this guy and anytime he shows up, which is a lot. She completely ignores me and i really don’t understand the way she acts. I’ll admit I’ve had jealousy moments in the past, I’ve got nothing against him, but I really don’t have anything for him either. And every now and then within the past month or so i’ve had a number of panic attacks, and some strange mood swings. She tells me she wants her distance but I dunno if I really trust her or not. Small things keep showing up saying not to. I love her more than anything no doubt. I told her how I felt about him, then we got into a huge discussion on our relationship. She wants to put our relationship on a stand n’ still, while we figure out who we are. And that we should work on being good friends before we’re intimate. I understand that i may not of totally respected her boundaries. But she means the world to me, and i just want to be by her side. And i know somewhere she loves me to, but i’m am just so confused. Because what if I do stay back and thats the end, u know? What should I do, what can I do?



Dr. Dan’s Answer:

I feel for you and I have been in my share of similar relationships. The question you must ask yourself is, “do I really want to be in this relationship?” Because what you have right now is a Relation-Canoe. It is sinking and you know if. That is why you are in conflict with each other. See, in life and in relationships you are either growing or dieing. Everything either grows or dies. There is no in between. So obviously you both have let this relationship die and now it is sinking. So if you do want to save this relationship. Then you MUST do what it takes. Obviously you did this in the beginning because this is how you got the girl in the first place. Too many men meet a girl; woo them over by taking them out, going on picnics, movies, having date nights. but then they get busy with life and stop doing those things and let the relationship die. I go over this in my book “How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams, and Keep Them!” “Keep Them” is important! I have instructions on how to do this in Secret #14: “Create a Menu of Fun!” You must do this. Create a list of all the things you could do to win her over all over again. But make sure you prove to her that this will not just be a temporary thing. That this will last. That you will have a date night every week no matter what! Schedule it every Friday or Saturday night and stick to it no matter what, even if you both are tired, then just go to the movies on that night. Have fun with it!

The Real Love Guru,

Dr. Dan


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