ship or canoe

Think of a relation-ship as a ship, a ship you’re going to sail through in this life.  If you were going to sail in this ship, this relation-ship, with only one person for the next 60-70+ years or the rest of your life, how carefully would you choose your shipmate?  Would you take the first person that said, let’s go?  Would you take someone that might jump off the ship?  Then you would have to sail the ship yourself, stop at every port, and try to find a new shipmate.  Wouldn’t you want to make sure the person you decided to sail with, is as committed to be on the ship as you are?  Or maybe it’s you that needs to be committed to staying on the ship and not jumping off.  That would not be a relation-ship.  You would be sailing in a relation-Canoe.  How well do you think a canoe will do in a storm?  Not very well, I’m afraid.  Just like the relationship; it will sink.

You must both be committed to the relationship.  That means no threatening to jump off the ship when it starts to shake and take on water.  No saying things like, if you do this again or say that again then I will jump off this ship!  That is not a commitment.  You must both be committed and it will take work.  But it is worth it.

Think of a house as being the relationship and the trees, flowers, butterflies, beautiful blue sky, and the birds chirping; are all love. What holds a house together? “NAILS!”  Nails are the commitment.  So, when you attract a person of your dreams into your life, don’t jump ship during the first storm.  And make the decision to sail through life with them;  be committed to them and share that commitment with them forever.


The Real Love Guru,

Dr. Dan


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