Dr Dan and the RockStar Family

The Love Guru Family: Dr. Dan, Siri Shakti, Kayleen, Mayleena, & Bodhi


For over a decade Dr. Dan has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in traveling the world searching for the best of the best to learn from. Everyone from Western Experts to Eastern Gurus.

Dr. Dan Ardebili, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of Attraction, Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Human development, and self-development. He’s the author of 2 books, has created audio programs, CDs, and Videos; and has thousands of viewers from around the globe tuning into his Dr. Dan Show online. He is also known for his unique Dating, Relationship, & RockStar Funshops. Dr. Dan holds a doctorate in Metaphysics, doctorate in Divinity, & his favorite; a Ph.D. in Life! Dr. Dan is also a Minister and lives in Northern California with his lovely wife Siri Shakti and two beautiful daughters Kayleen, Mayleena & their new baby boy Bodhi.

Dr. Dan has 2 Best Selling Books out. The Little Book of Secrets, How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams and Keep Them! and RockStar! 45 RockStar Lessons to Be a RockStar in Your Life, and Make the World Your Stage! Are NOW available.

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